Treatment Plan

How to determine the treatment plan is an important step in the initial consultation with the therapist. It consists of identifying the problems, deciding on the appropriate treatment. It is important to keep always in mind that the therapist not attempt to diagnose a patient’s condition or illness unless they are competent and qualified to do so.

To determine the treatment plan there are some questions that the therapist must ask, such as:

  • Which conditions does the patient suffer from?
  • What is the condition of the patient’s general health?
  • Did the patient have cupping therapy before?
  • Which of the cupping methods will you use (dry, moving or wet)?
  • Will you combine the methods?
  • How will you decide where to cup?

Once the treatment plan is decided, the therapist must mark the points on the consultation form.
If the patient request a specific type of cupping (Wet/Dry/Fire/Massage cupping), the therapist should try to fulfil his or her request whilst advising what is the best for the patient.
Some patient might also seem nervous, in this situation massage cupping is a good method to relive anxiety and stress.
Dry Cupping and Massage Cupping can be performed into one session. Massage Cupping can administer over a broad area initially to get the blood flowing, this can be followed by Dry Cupping and eventually the Wet Cupping. Every patient is different, and the more you practice, the more experience you will gain in knowing what works best.