What is Ruqya?

The meaning of ruqya is recitation of the Qur’an, the use of authentic supplications and seeking the refuge in Allah . Using His Perfect Names and Attributes are Islamic methods in the treatments of those suffering from any affliction suchas Ayn (Evil Eye), Hassad (Envy), mass (Jinn possession), Sehr (Black Magic) or other ailments such as fever, and depression.

There are 2 types of Ruqya

  1. Ruqya Shar’iyyah
  2. Ruqya Shirk’iyyah

Ruqya Shar’iyyah

This is Ruqya that is free from any forms of shirk (associating partners with Allah ) and is simply recitation of the Qur’an, the use of authentic supplications and the seeking of assistance and refuge in Allah alone.
RuqyaShar’iyyah should meet 3 conditions as mentioned by the scholars

  1. It must be with the words of Allah (Qur’an), his names and his attributes.
  2. It must be in the Arabic language or a language that is clearly understood by the people.
  3. To believe that the Ruqya being done has no benefit by itself, but the benefits and cure are from Allah alone.

Ruqya Shirk’iyyah

This type of Ruqya leads to a major sin and even leads people outside the fold of islam. It is destruction upon the individual as it involves calling upon other than Allaah . Shirk is seeking assistance from other then Allah in ruqya this is from the Jinn, Magicians, Horoscopes, Charms & Amulets etc. Therefore, it is clear that its practice is completely forbidden in Islam.

Protect Yourself

As a Cupping therapist you will often come across patients who are inflicted with either, Ayn (evil eye) / Hassad (envy) /Sihr (Black magic) or Mass (Jin possession), so we must remember to protect ourself.

This can be done with the following steps below:

  • Make du’a to Allah as none except him can protect you
  • Seek forgiveness/repent to Allah
  • Stay away from Haram and fulfil the duties of Allah , e.g salah, fasting etc….
  • Make wudu before performing hijama
  • Do the morning and evening adkhaars and the adkhaars for daily activities e.g when entering the bathroom, leaving/entering the house, undressing, before sleeping etc
  • Oil the body at least twice a day with ruqya olive oil and/or black seed oil
  • For ruqya oil & water- recite the following ayats:
    Surah Fatiha 7x, Ayatulkursi 7x, Surah ikhlas|SurahAl-Falaq|Surah An-Nas 3x each, Surah Al-kafiroon, last 2 ayahs of Surah Baqarah or all of surah baqarah which is better then you blow upon it.