Fire Cupping

Fire cupping is the most traditional technique. It uses glass cups and the fire creates a better suction with glass cups.

Put a flammable substance inside of a glass or silicone cup before lighting it on fire. This will allow the fire to go out before placing it on the skin. The cup is left on the skin, creating a suction that causes the skin to rise. This process causes your blood vessels to expand, encouraging blood flow and increased circulation to the damaged area(s).


  • Glass or Silicone Cup
  • Cotton ball
  • Alcohol

Steps to Follow

  • Apply alcohol on the cotton ball and ignite inside a glass cup.
  • Placed quickly the cup on the skin’s surface.
  • Once the cup is deoxygenated, it creates a warm vacuum and lifts the skin up promoting blood circulation.
  • The cups are removed by pressing the skin to allow oxygen to enter into the cup thus equalizing the pressure and releasing it.